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4.5 / 5 as on 19 Jan 2020

How does MintWise Overall Customer Rating work?

MintWise customer ratings are given only by customers who buy from us. The rating process for each policy starts a few days after the online purchase is completed and the insurance policy document is received by the customer. Allowing ratings to be done only by genuine MintWise customers ensures the authenticity of the whole process.

As part of the rating process, each and every customer who buys through us receives an email with a link to our Customer Ratings submission page. All the customer needs to do is follow the link, rate the buying experience and if they choose to, also put in their valuable feedback.

Just in case you are a MintWise customer and haven't received the link, send us an email - we'll re-send the rating request so that you don't miss out on the right to rate us on your buying experience!

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